Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2473 14.9.1942

Lust of the flesh ....
Earthly lusts ....
Loving activity ....

You humans see the fulfilment of your bodily desires in carnal lust, and thus you indulge in earthly pleasure. But what helps the body to feel good is not very beneficial for the soul, for the soul can only develop progressively if it does not give in to bodily desire, if it voluntarily renounces everything the body demands for its fulfilment .... The human being should practise love .... and must therefore always help his fellow human being in all hardships of body and soul.

True love will always want to give and must therefore also be prepared to work with love when the fellow human being is in distress. This attitude is also decisive for the maturing of the soul. The degree of love is, so to speak, evaluated by God when two people unite purely physically. In every situation the human being can have an educating and ennobling effect on his fellow human being, and the will for the latter is decisive as to whether a physical union is a blessing or cannot exist in the eyes of God. .... Divine love, mercy and patience exercise the greatest forbearance with people, and especially with those who present their weakness to God and appeal to Him for strength .... For as long as the human being belongs to earth his earthly desire is greater and therefore more difficult to overcome.

Yet the more the human being struggles to suppress earthly desires, the more noticeably he gains the strength to resist earthly desire without violating the commandment of love towards his neighbour ..... For love is the first condition .... The loving person will only ever keep the other person's well-being in mind and will therefore do whatever is demanded of him, because love is always the giver and the loving person never thinks of himself. Giving love will always be pleasing before God and therefore the degree of willingness to give is decisive for the soul's higher development ....



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