Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2474 15.9.1942

Lie ....
Truth ....
Fighting the fallacy ....

We must fight against error, for it was brought into the world by the one who wants to suppress the truth. But the truth is God, and he who is for God must also stand in the truth and abhor falsehood. A lie is everything that is directed against the truth; a lie is the work of the one who is farthest away from God and who also wants to distance people from God. Lie is the product of darkness, it shuns the light because it cannot exist where truth, the brightest light from the heavens, shines. And that is why the lie must be fought, because the lie is knowable error which cannot be detested enough. Anyone who walks in truth will also recognise error and fight against it, for truth does not tolerate error walking alongside it.

But the prince of lies uses all means to prevent the truth from breaking through. He dresses the lie in such a form that it is difficult to recognise by those who do not strive exclusively for the truth .... . For to them the lie presents itself as truth. And the human being does not recognise it for what it is because he does not yet have a deep desire for truth. And so error breaks through and asserts itself until a fanatic of truth declares war on it ..... For the latter recognises error as the work of the adversary and detests it .... And since he fights for God he can also expect God's support, since God wants the truth to be spread throughout the world. For where untruth is, there is darkness, and darkness is ignorance, and darkness shall be displaced by light; knowledge of the pure truth shall be spread.

All the error spread among men by the adversary shall give way to the pure truth, and the truth shall lead to God, Who is truth in Himself ..... And every person who serves God should work for the truth, he should have an enlightening effect, he should uncover error and instruct people where alone the pure truth can be sought and found ..... For only through truth can the human being attain knowledge, only through truth can he attain the right faith, and only through truth can the soul develop upwards.

But where the lie dominates the human being's thinking, the human being himself will also be misguided, for the lie never points to God but distances the human being ever more from the One to Whom he should return. And thus error prevents the human being from achieving his purpose, he can never reach the goal set for him on earth, for he will never strive for that which is the purpose and goal of earthly life since he lacks the knowledge of it. Where there is a lie the adversary has the upper hand and the soul is endangered.

And that is why God trains His fighters so that they will fight against the lie, so that they will stand up for the truth and ruthlessly denounce error as a product of the adversary. For only in this way can the truth be spread, in that the lie is displaced by the truth .... But he who stands in the truth should not be afraid to stand up against the lie, for it is his task to also lead his fellow human beings out of the darkness of the spirit into the bright light .... And to stand in the light means to know the pure truth, because only the truth can lead people towards God ....



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