Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2475 16.9.1942

Unification of the Spirit with the Soul ....

The most significant moment in earthly life is the moment of union of the spirit with the soul. For this moment is decisive for the whole of eternity. The fate of the soul is decided, as it were, its eternal life is assured. A soul which begins to unite with its spirit has escaped God's adversary, it has overcome matter, it therefore only strives for spiritual goods and seeks to form the connection with the spiritual spark in itself ever more intimately. The human being has now irrevocably decided in favour of God, and now the soul also remains His property, it remains eternally united with Him.

The unification of the spirit with the soul takes place when body and soul no longer have any common interests, when the soul kills the body's desire and only gives in to the desire of the spirit within it ...., thus when the soul only strives for the spiritual goal, thus the body also stops its desire and allows the soul to pursue its spiritual goal unhindered. The unification of the soul with the spirit is therefore the beginning of spiritual higher development, for the human being fulfils his task by only paying tribute to the world but placing spiritual life in the foreground ....



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