Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2523 25.10.1942

Pray in spirit and in truth ....

Every plea reaches the heavenly Father's ear if it is sent to Him in spirit and in truth. That is, every thought must be felt in the heart, the spirit must speak to the spirit ..... The spiritual spark in the human being must rise up to God, to the Father from Whom it originated. The prayer must not just be a murmur from the lips, it must rise from the heart to God in all truthfulness, without falsehood and without pretence, simply and humbly. .... This is a prayer in spirit and in truth, which God will always hear.

A prayer can consist of beautiful words, and yet it can go unheard at the ear of the Father in heaven because it lacks all intimacy, because it is only an empty form without deep feeling of the heart. And such a prayer is worthless before God, just as everything is worthless before God which is only form without inner life. As long as the heart is not involved, the spirit in the human being knows nothing about it and therefore does not seek contact with the divine spirit to whom the prayer should apply, even though he tries to feign contact with God through words. He thinks differently when he speaks and acts differently when he thinks ..... And therefore his prayer is not true, it is not what it should be before God .... a simple, heartfelt, intimate supplication which is assured of being heard.

And this is why God requires the human being to withdraw into his closet when he wants to pray ...., that he should forget everything around him in order to only commune with the Father in heaven. If no external impressions distract the human being he will be able to profoundly unite with God, and then he will present his request to the Father in heaven without inhibition and yet in all humility and confidence, he will ask Him in a simple way, he will speak to Him reverently and yet full of trust, he will pray to Him in spirit and in truth, just as the heavenly Father wants to be worshipped in order to be able to fulfil all His children's requests, as He has promised ....



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