Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2538 5.11.1942

God's goodness ....
God's power of love ....

God's love for humanity will not diminish as long as the earth exists, and time and again humanity will be offered the opportunity to redeem itself on this earth. The length of time this redemption takes is entirely up to the human will, how it attunes itself to God's love. If he acknowledges it he will also strive to attain it and thus do everything God prescribes people to do. And through the fulfilment of divine will the souls mature and they reduce the great distance from themselves to God.

God loves His living creations, people, and wants them to recognise Him as a loving Being Who will not let go of anything that originates from Him. As soon as the human being has this realisation he lives his life consciously and also tries to force his fellow human beings into the circuit of divine love, and he himself tries to live a life of love because he knows that only through love an alignment with God is possible and that this alignment is absolutely necessary in order to acquire God's love. To live in the love of God means an increased reception of strength and an incessant ascent to the heights, because the love of God draws to itself everything that does not defend itself, i.e. offers resistance.

God's love for humanity is so great that everything would truly be seized by it if it did not offer this resistance. But God's love is only effective if it is not resisted. Therefore it is God's endeavour to weaken all resistance in order to then completely abolish it. But the human being resists as long as he still has a desire for the world, that is, as long as he does not devote himself undividedly to his spiritual task. Only the life force, which flows to every being as long as it dwells on earth, can flow to him for that long. But the strength of love can never be imparted to it since it would not be properly utilised, thus misused, as long as the human being's striving is not solely meant for God. Every turning towards the world means resistance against the eternal Deity, thus the abandonment of this power of love at his disposal.

God's love is therefore the only thing worth striving for in earthly life, for with the reception of God's strength of love his strength increases immeasurably and the human being will be able to accomplish everything because God Himself can work as soon as the human being surrenders himself unconditionally to Him, thus he himself offers his love to God and is now seized by God's love which will never let him fall. Time and again God approaches people, offering them His love, and time and again He tries to awaken in them the awareness of being inseparably connected with this love.

Once this awareness has awakened in the human being, he himself does everything to show himself worthy of this bond of eternity. He desires God's flow of love and pushes towards it; and God increases everything that desires Him through Himself, He gives strength where strength is requested, and thus His love always expresses itself as strength which masters everything .... which breaks the soul's resistance if the human being's will is turned towards God, but which also signifies the overcoming of earthly adversity for the human being. For where God's love has seized a human child it will travel the path of earthly life with His support. It overcomes matter, it despises the world and only strives for complete unification with God .... with the eternal love, Which was its origin ....



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