Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2842 8.8.1943

Transfer of the received spiritual good Condition ....

The gifts of the spirit must be utilised if they are to fulfil their purpose and also bring further gifts to the recipient. Only in the passing on of the received spiritual good lies the authorisation to receive new good, otherwise it remains only dead good without effect on the recipient himself and the fellow human beings. Spiritual goods are a gift of God's love, they should awaken love and be passed on again and again in love; they are the living water that must continue to flow unstoppably if they are to awaken life again, to activity in love.

In order to be able to receive spiritual goods, the human being must be active in love .... The offering and forwarding of gifts from above is an act of loving activity, the human being is concerned about the salvation of souls which still languish in darkness, and their spiritual hardship impels him to bring light to them ..... And then the spiritual gift will not remain without effect, both on the giver as well as on the recipient, whereas a gift which is not passed on will lose strength and effect and will also not make the recipient as happy if his love for his fellow human beings decreases. Divine gift is so precious that it must not go unnoticed, and if it is offered to a person in love, its possession should make him happy and in his happiness he should also feel the urge to communicate, to impart the divine gift to others as well.

It shall impel him into diligent activity of love .... to illuminate his fellow human beings' spiritual state .... it shall stimulate him to radiate ever more light into the darkness, and his desire for spiritual gifts will thereby be increased and make him happy and joyful. People can be abundant in spiritual treasures as soon as they don't keep them for themselves but distribute them and thereby increase their wealth. But as soon as they slacken in their activity of love, the receiving of gifts from above will also come to a standstill, for God gives and measures out to them as they themselves measure out and are willing. And therefore spiritual gifts can also have no effect on other people because they don't make use of them insofar as they don't want to distribute them even if they acknowledge it and are wholesomely affected by it themselves.

Their love, however, is deficient and their hearts are therefore not good soil where the seed can sprout and bear fruit. And that is why the gifts of the spirit, which flow to people from above, are to be constantly worked with. The flow must not dry up in the sand, the gifts of the spirit are to be received everywhere with an open heart and passed on in love, then everyone will be able to refresh himself with the water of life, his spirit of love will become inflamed and constant activity of love will be the result which guarantees the receipt of new spiritual gifts again. And therefore everyone should be diligently active to whom God's love supplies precious possessions, they should work incessantly and always try to win new souls to whom what is offered to them will bring light, so that the spiritual darkness will be removed, so that people will feel the effect of what God's love offers them .....



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