Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7867 09.04.1961

God's infinite love wants to give itself away ....

You will enter the spheres of heavenly bliss if you have lived your earthly life in accordance with My will .... Yet it is not this promise that should persuade you to live your life correctly but your love for Me, Who wants to give you these beatitudes because I love you beyond measure but I also want to possess your love .... I created you out of My love, and this love will never end. And one day, when you have become enlightened, the concept of love, which you cannot grasp as a human being as long as you still lack love, will also have become comprehensible for you .... But to be without love is a state of unhappiness for every living creation that came forth from Me, because it is also a state of weakness and darkness in which happiness is unthinkable. A life in accordance with My will is, however, a life of love and this will also lead you back into a state of blissfulness ....

After the death of your body you will enter My kingdom which will provide you with unimaginable splendours that My love has prepared for all My beings which will join Me again in love. Love cannot do anything other than give joy and seek unification, for love wants to give itself away, it wants to please because this is the nature of love .... And since My love was overwhelming and wanted to give itself away I created beings for Myself to which I could give Myself .... I created vessels for Myself which accepted the flow of My love and I united Myself with these beings and continuously let My ray of love flow into them .... And thus I made them abundantly happy .... The fact that they eventually resisted My illumination of love was due to a special reason but it did not prevent Me from pursuing these beings with My love, it just didn't make them happy anymore because they resisted it, because they had detached themselves from Me.

Nevertheless, since love is never-ending it will also never remain inactive but try to regain what had fallen away from it .... My love has never stopped to entice back to Me that which had fallen away and will continue to do so until it has returned to Me of its own free will. For no being can remain closed to My illumination of love forever, because love is a power which does not stay ineffective, and because the beings' resistance will diminish sooner or later, becoming constantly less until they finally open themselves again in order to be made blissfully happy by My love for all eternity. And that which has found its way back to Me will never leave Me again .... It will not be able to descend into the abyss anymore, for once it has travelled the path through the lowest points with the ultimate accomplishment of having attained the pinnacle again it will also be inseparably united with Me, for it will have reached perfection which I was unable to give to the being Myself, since it required free will to remain in perfection, and this free will has been proven .... otherwise I could also forcibly obtain their love, but then one could never speak of unrestricted happiness, for love does not tolerate compulsion, it has to turn to Me voluntarily, which is proven by the human being when he lives on earth according to My will, when he shapes himself into love, which is his fundamental nature ....

In My kingdom, however, everything is love .... and you all shall enter this kingdom of love, you all shall be immeasurably happy one day when you unite yourselves with Me, your Father of eternity, Whose love created you and Whose love will also pursue you if you keep yourselves distant from Me .... Yet you will not remain distant from Me forever, because My love is stronger than your will of resistance, because one day you will submit yourselves to My love again, because it will also ignite itself in you and grow into a bright blaze, because I will then be and remain the goal and the object of your love for all eternity ....



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